Why Solo Stove is a Game-Changer

Solo Stove is an ultralight stove that runs on just a handful of twigs.

And it really is a fully fledged stove capable of boiling enough water for your evening meal with just a handful of twigs. It is hands down my most valuable piece of gear! Here’s a youtube video I made of my first go at it. So here are the reasons why you should invest in a solo stove.

  1. It runs on virtually anything organic, but twigs are perfect.

Never lug heavy butane bottles up a mountain again. You’ll be able to create a fire hot enough to boil a pot of water in no time with any organic matter lying around, including pine needles and pine cones, or just plain old leaves. The stove only weighs 9oz.!!

  1. Water purification, light, and heat in a portable package.

Sure, you could build a bonfire. But this gives you bonfire-level lighting with just a few twigs. The trick is in the way the stove is built – air intake at the bottom of the stove supercharges the burn, allowing you to create that warm, fireplace glow with any biomass.

  1. DIY “Hobo” stoves don’t even compare

I’ve had friends create “hobo stoves” out of tin cans that attempt to replicate the solo stove. They don’t even come close in terms of fuel efficiency. Firstly, tin cans are smaller than your typical solo stove, and every single time, the twigs tend to just smolder and achieve nothing. With a solo stove, air gets sucked directly onto the smoldering twigs and creates a clean burning flame. It’s all about the way the air is directed directly upward from underneath to fuel the fire.

 alpha cigar cigar coop article banner 1
  1. Never pay for propane again and save the environment.

Enough said. There’s no need to contribute to fracking, oil drilling, or all the other ugly industrial activity needed to create propane. I’ll agree that the up front costs of the solo stove costs either the same as a jetboil or much more than a pocket-rocket style propane stove nozzle, so it’s quite an investment. But it eliminates fuel costs.

  1. Reduce the risk of forest fire.

For many people, this doesn’t seem like a huge concern. But if you live in a dry area such as California, this makes a huge difference. It takes a lot off your mind knowing your fire is contained in a nice little stove unit.

  1. It’s super easy to cleanYou basically just turn it upside down, shake out the ash, then store it in your pot, and you’re ready to go.

If someone stole my tent, I’d happily replace it with a cheapo tarp. If someone stole my sleeping bag, no big deal. I use inexpensive flannel-lined ones anyway. If someone stole my sleeping bad… no big deal either, I’m an old-school foam guy.

But if someone took my solo stove, I’d feel like I’d lost a dear friend. Solo stoves are constructed with durable steel and are basically lifetime pieces. Mine has kept me company on many a lonely night in the wild, surrounded by the eerie sounds of pawsteps in the woods, and amplified crunches and cracks of animals in the underbrush. The Solo Stove truly is the solo backpacker’s friend.

Contributor: Justin Hansen
Charity: Wounded Warrior Project
Sponsor: Daily Midwesterner Editorial Staff

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