Why We Love American Girls

  1. They are strong and independent
    After all, we are the home of the brave and the land of the free! Our ladies know how to get down and dirty, whether its changing a tire, handling a firearm, or doing DIY stuff around the house. They serve as CEOs, senators, governors, and even combat personnel.

2. They are outgoing
Americans are famous for small-talk, and often other countries look down on us for this

ability to engage in frivolous talk with complete strangers. Whatever, man. It’s not our fault we love to have fun and meet people!

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They come from all sorts of backgrounds
We are truly a melting pot of a country.

They’ve got a can-do attitude
We’re living the American dream and not afraid to work hard to earn what we get!

They’ve got that perfect smile!

God bless this awesome country!


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