Don’t Go Backpacking Without This!

Are you planning a few days out in the wilderness? On numerous 10 day trips out in the back country without seeing a single other human being, there’ve been a couple of things I’m always so glad I brought. Nothing nourishes the soul and moral on a long journey in the wilderness like proper food.

Tired of your oats, freeze dried meals or MREs? Taking a few essential fresh ingredients not only will transform a drab meal into a culinary delight (relatively speaking), they provide added nutritional and health benefits. Above all, the most important and overlooked ingredient in the backpacker’s arsenal is the humble clove of garlic. Not only do they make a fry-up delicious, they’re nutritious and have anti-bacterial properties. Add garlic to pots of boiling water to get rid of that dirt taste and create a nice garlic soup. Or eat the garlic raw to settle a stomach and stave off a cold.

Cheese. Hard cheese is a compact energy-giving source of proteing and will last a surprisingly long time out of the fridge in your backpack. As long as you aren’t in sweltering conditions the entire trip, cheese (even cheddar), will hold up for days, if not weeks. Use your best judgment and eyeball the cheese. Obviously, mold is a good sign to not eat the cheese.

Another camping lifehack is to bring some olive oil in an old (washed) medicine tube or travel tube. A bit of oil is a lifesaver when pan frying that garlic and any fish you have caught in the back country.

Don’t forget to bring a nice old stogie to enjoy by the campfire too!

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